That’s a phrase that’s been muttered a lot in my world lately.

I started using it a year ago as it’s what I tell my disfluent son when he can’t formulate the words fast enough to keep up with his quick mind. It helps calm his body so the words flow more smoothly. It’s become a trigger for him to realize when he’s getting worked up. It soothes him.

It’s also one of the first things the doctor says to you when you go in for an appointment, as they listen to your lungs, check your heart, your blood pressure and all the other things they tick off on their forms. I’ve been to the doctor’s office 7 times this year alone and we’re only just getting started.

It has also been my internal mantra since my diagnosis last week of Hashimoto’s Disease and Adrenal Fatigue. Just like with my son, deep breaths help calm my body and they take the edge off any stress I’m feeling. Stress is something to avoid when your adrenal gland is worn out and not up to the task, like mine is right now. Taking a deep breath also helps take your mind off the pain of various procedures and tests and being poked and prodded. It also helps quiet the uncertainty and questions that arise from having an auto immune disease that most certainly sounds a lot scary than it will end up being when not in the throes of a full blown thyroid storm.

It seems only natural that this be something that I need to do more of in business too, for now, for my family and my health. So that will be my theme for the year. I’ll be taking things a bit easier and a bit slower. This means that I won’t be doing quite as much at each stocking, my turn around times will be a bit longer and my custom slots will be a few fewer.

In short, I’m going to take a deep breath.